Redwood City Señors Team Photo History


This site has been designed to retain a history that is slowly fading from memory. It contains team photos of senior softball players, past and present, who have played on a Redwood City (CA) Señors Softball Club team, a team otherwise affiliated with Redwood City, or a worthy opponent. 

How to view these photos.

The team photos are organized into groups, by year . They can be accessed from the date “tabs” on each page. For example, “1980- 1984 Team Photos”, “1995-1999 Team Photos” etc.  I had to guess about where to place some of the undated photos. Corrections welcome!      Click here to Find a Player or a Team


1. Tell us more about the team. Do you remember when and where the team photo was taken? If so, describe the event. Any good stories about this team? If so, write a short description.  You get the idea....Then, send me an e-mail.

2. Identify unknown players. Some of the players in these photos have yet to be identified. If you recall the name of an unknown player in one of these photos, send me an e-mail message and I will add it.

Also, if you have a team photo to add to this collection, please contact me.

Enjoy the team photos.....


Welcome to the Team Photo History Site

Many current and former senior softball players have contributed photos to this site, and have helped identify many of the players in the older photos.  Thanks to all who have helped  keep the Señors history from slipping away!

I would like to thank the Trainers at the Apple Store, Hillsdale Mall, for helping me create this website.  They are:




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